Explore Berlin with a local photographer

On your Berlin photo tour we will show you the most intriguing locations, and describe to you how to best capture the unique motifs there. Our tour guides are experts for the hidden places in Berlin, away from the touristic highways and obvious photographic choices.

Since 2009 we are exploring Berlin in photographic tours and make them understand photography easier, learning by doing. We not only answer technical questions, but encourage you to compose photographs in ways, you might not have thought of before.

We won’t judge your gear

No matter if you use a smartphone camera or professional equipment, no matter if it’s analogue or digital. Photography is a language, that can be trained with all kinds of gadgets.

As well as that you will learn interesting stories and background information about the places we visit, and – if available – we will show you historical photos that illustrate how much Berlin has changed up until today.

Enjoy a healthy walk with great company

Now, more than ever, we saw how the world can change rapidly. How we get stuck at home and long for a nice walk in good company. Our amazing guides will provide you with a healthy and protected Berlin photo tour, you will remember for a long time.

Explore Berlin fitting your photographic style

Your tour options

Either you get inspired by one or more tour themes from below, or tell us what you like to photograph and we create a memorable photographic, that will bring you Berlin and photography closer equally.


Backyards of Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg

Industrial Revolution

Train Stations of Berlin
Industrial park Upper Schöneweide

The Cold War

Socialist East Berlin
Sowjet Monument Park


Historism, Plattenbau,

At Night

Government District
Historical Center

Festival of Lights®

Illuminations on historical buildings in the first half of October.

For better tourism

Carbon Neutral

Our tours are carbon neutral, because we walk or cycle. Also our guides arrive by bike or public transport. You will always be able to easily reach our meeting points by public transport.

We work as carbon neutral as we can. To compensate unavoidable emissions, we support forestation projects in Latin America and Germany to fight the horrific effects of man-made climate change.

And of course, this website is hosted on a carbon neutral server in Berlin-Neukölln.


Sustainable tourism is not only important for nature reserves. A city is also a biotope, that we do not want to disturb to much.

Our groups are small and we will not disturb the life of the Berliners in their natural habitat.

We will not provide you with pub crawls, mass tours with 50 participants or do a bus tour in a residential neighborhood.

Our tours are small and close to the real life of people in Berlin. But without disturbing them too much.

Barrier Free

All of our tours are barrier free and wheelchair accessible. You can also always take an assistant with you for free, if you choose to.

The average speed of our photo tours is 1 km/h, so also if you have issues walking, we will accommodate your needs.

If you have any additional wishes or needs, let us know in advance and we will find the best way to provide you with a memorable experience.

Barrier free routing to get to our meeting points by public transport.