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Any questions about booking a Berlin photo tour? Yes, then have a look at the Answers to frequently asked questions or talk to Sascha. Otherwise, after booking your photo tour, you can discover Berlin together with our photo tour guides and understand photography better. Whether just you or with up to four companions* in an exclusive photo tour.

We also offer from time to time thematic open group tours. We will inform you about this on this page or for example at Instagram or Facebook.

  • FREE rescheduling or cancellation up to 24h before the tour
  • 100% money-back guarantee if your plans change
  • No printed out ticket needed
  • Pay with SEPA via Klarna, PayPal or Credit Card

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All prices are in € and include the current sales tax.

Any questions? Here we may have the answer:

May a cell phone camera / analog camera / plate camera be brought along?

Of course. No matter if you use a smartphone camera or professional equipment, no matter if you record analog or digital. Photography is a language that can be trained with all kinds of equipment.

If you bring a large plate camera, please let us know in advance. In that case we will probably not move around the city that much. But otherwise, bring what you have!

But my companion does not photograph at all…

A photo tour makes a lot of sense even without a camera. You will learn interesting stories and background information about the places we visit on the photo tour.

We train seeing and conscious perception, not only the camera technique. Apart from that, most accompanying persons without a camera have a smart phone that can take pictures.

We have often seen that the partners of amateur photographers take more photos than the ones the tour was originally intended for.

Pictures are the words of a world language that almost everyone in the world understands. Practicing this language is the most fun with us.

Why are you calling me by my first name? We don’t even know each other!

Yes, it is strange to be called by your first name by unknown people. Except you are coming from Northern Europe. But we share a passion, photography and curiosity about Berlin. In the hobby context the first name base is considered normal.

If you prefer last name basis, then take a look at our offers for companies. There you determine the form of dealing and the degree of “professionalism” yourself.

What does my right of withdrawal look like?

With private photo tours it’s easy: You have changed your mind or your travel plans have changed? Then simply write an email or call and you can cancel for free and get your money back. Or we can find another date. Only if the photo tour has already been done, then the service is considered fulfilled.

Why must I pay in advance?

When a pandemic is not raging, the same dates are always popular. Saturdays from 10:30 am for example. These are then quickly booked up in spring and autumn. Of course, you can get your money back if you change your plans. But we know from your advance bank transfer: You know what it costs and you are serious about your booking. Furthermore, we avoid cash payments, which would mean a considerable additional effort for us.

Why is it so expensive / why is it so cheap?

The price has developed slowly over the years and even in comparison to the city it is quite cheap, in international comparison anyway. An exclusive city tour can cost around €100 per hour. We are far below that with our price. This price is at the lowest limit of what is only approximately economical. So we earn a multiple of that for photographers, but as photographic city guides we are equally motivated because we simply enjoy showing Berlin and making photography more comprehensible.

What do the guides actually get? Do you pay fair?

As the founder of fototourberlin, I want to have motivated guides who will stay with me for a long time, who are punctual and who accept appointments. That’s why I pay a little bit more than is usual in the tourism industry in Berlin.

The guides receive 85 € for a 2,5 hour photo tour and 30 € net without VAT for the 5 hour photo tour. This means they receive the largest part of the revenue.

If the guides receive a tip on site, they can of course keep 100% of it and pay tax on it themselves.

Do you also offer photo tours on weekends or at unusual times and days?

Of course. We offer our services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all year round. Sunsets, sunrises, the empty streets of Christmas time or the challenges of photos on New Year’s Eve. If you have such special requests, talk to us in time, and we will find the right photo tour guide for you.

Do you offer photo tours in “Lost Places“?

We show the hidden Berlin, i.e. the “Hidden Places”, which even those who live here often remain hidden. We don’t want to show “Lost Places” anymore, because they mean a poverty tourism, which we also look at with mixed feelings in other places. Moreover, many of the “Lost Places” that we showed in the first years have disappeared.

The exciting lost places on the outskirts of Berlin are now so well-developed for tourism that taking pictures there is no longer fun, no longer an adventure. If you are very interested in this topic, then speak with Sascha. He has some good tips in Central and Eastern Europe that are so much more exciting than the “usual suspects” here in the region.

Is a Berlin photo tour considered soft tourism?

Soft tourism is not only important for nature reserves. A city is also a biotope, which we do not want to disturb too much. Our groups are small so as not to disturb the new and old Berliners in their natural habitat.

Therefore, we do not organize pub crawls, tours with 50 participants or bus tours through residential areas. Our photo tours are respectful to the people living here and therefore close to real life.

What are you doing for climate protection?

Very important question! Berlin is not only changing through new buildings, Berlin’s climate has changed noticeably for the worse in the last few years. It is too dry and too warm, violent weather events are becoming more frequent. This is due to the man-made climate catastrophe, which is why our photo tours are climate neutral.

We are on foot or on wheels. Every meeting point is easily accessible by public transport. We compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions through reforestation projects. One of the main goals of our work is to leave this planet with a stable climate.

What are you doing against racism and discrimination?

A photo tour always tells something about the city of Berlin. Two thirds of the people living here were not born here. This brings us an incredible wealth that goes far beyond the culinary.

Telling Berlin’s migration history, pointing out problems and explaining cultural differences is our contribution to a world with less human hatred and discrimination. This contribution may be small, but hopefully it opens your eyes.

If you have had a discrimination experience with one of our guides, then please talk to Sascha. Thanks!

I have special needs. Are you barrier-free?

All our photo tours through Berlin are completely barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Assistants are naturally included free of charge.

The average speed is 1 km/h. Photo tours are therefore also well suited for those who do not run as fast. We are happy to cater to all kinds of needs and wishes, just talk to us.

Do you offer photo tours also in sign language?

We will gladly arrange a local sign language interpreter who has already done photo tours with us. In addition, we organize, if possible, a corresponding group photo tour at least once a year. We only can offer German Sign Language interpreters though, but gladly try to find interpreters for ASL or other sign languages.

Since when does fototourberlin exist?

Sascha did his first paid photo tour on August 16, 2009. Since then fototourberlin exists and we plan to stay. We are not a big, anonymous company with overseas accounts. We love sharing our passion for photography and Berlin’s history.

How do I book a Berlin photo tour?

Via this form here. If you have any further questions or technical difficulties, just talk to Sascha.