Cold War in Berlin

Socialist East Berlin

Discover the traces of 20th century history post WWII in the eastern part of the city, including the Berlin wall, the rich mixture of architecture styles.

Going through Mitte and Friedrichshain, you will have the opportunity to see the representative buildings from East Berlin, as well as marks that the city separation left until today.

This photo tour is not only rich in photo motives but also in historical facts and interesting details of how big historical events made their mark in different parts of the city.

Soviet Monument Park

History and nature, both visible in a monumental way.

Visit the biggest soviet memorial monument in Berlin, a testimonial of the wounds of WWII and the ideological fight of the cold war. Take in the sad beauty of the place, it’s monumental scale and also the blooming park that surrounds it, equally impressive in all seasons.

Explore Berlin’s Cold War heritage with us

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