Share your love for photography and Berlin

As a freelance photo tour guide in Berlin you not only learn more about the city of Berlin, but will also train your photography skills.

You should feel like sharing photo knowledge and city history. Multilingualism is a big plus. We are always looking for expanding our language portfolio. Internally we communicate in English, but speaking German is a big plus, as anywhere else.

Preparatory we go on a photo tour with you and show you what we can convey to our guests. The training time is short. You decide how much you want to learn. Curiosity is an advantage.

If you are not living in Berlin or plan to move, please contact us anyway. We plan to offer photo tours in other cities as well. Talk to us.

We offer

  • Continuing education in art history, image discussion and photo equipment
  • Extensive knowledge of Berlin’s history
  • Fair payment
  • Flexible working hours
  • A part-time job in the fresh air

We expect

  • Friendliness and openness towards our guests
  • Knowledge of photo equipment and image design or the desire to learn it
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • No activity for our competitors
  • Arrival and departure to the photo tours by foot, public transport or bicycle


We pay you after receiving your invoice for doing the photo tour for us. You will need a business registration at the Gewerbeamt, an EU tax number and have to take care of taxes, duties and insurance yourself.

For the 2½ hour photo tour you will receive €85, which corresponds to an hourly rate of €34.

We grant our guests some discount on the 5-hour photo tour, so there is €150 for you, which corresponds to hourly rate of €30.

As a guide you are at the center of our offer, which is why up to 58% of our income goes to you.

External marketing platforms, hotel concierges and other services demand 20 to 30% commission. 12-22% remain for the organization of the appointments, the supply of our Website inclusive reservation system, the marketing and the follow-up of the customers for our marketing, so that they want to discover Berlin again with us.

We’d be happy if you join our team or recommend us to others.